MANNOL 7715 5W30 C3 – VW APPROVED – VW 504/50700 – 208L BARREL *TRADE BUY*


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-Universal fully synthetic premium engine oil (contains PAO) for modern petrol
and diesel engines of VW group cars (including direct injection) with and
without turbocharging, including those equipped with pump-injectors (Pumpe-
Product properties:
– Due to its special friction modifiers, it has excellent anti-wear, anti-seize and
anti-friction properties, which ensures long and trouble-free operation of the
pump-injector system and the entire gas distribution system, reducing cam
– Due to its excellent detergent and dispersant properties and high thermaloxidative
stability, it effectively prevents all kinds of deposits and keeps engine
separate parts clean throughout the entire oil change interval;
– Saves fuel thanks to its optimal anti-friction properties;
– The fully synthetic base ensures a low pour point (-45 °C and below) and
ensures easy cold starting due to its exceptional turnability and pumping
properties, which significantly reduces engine starting wear;
– Has optimal viscosity over a wide temperature range to ensure stable
performance in all operating conditions, including city driving and overload;
– Due to its high thermal-oxidative stability, it resists ageing effectively;
– Compatible with all exhaust gas aftertreatment systems, DPF, TWC, EGR
and SCR thanks to Mid SAPS technology;
– For use in engines with extended oil change intervals (Long Life up to 30.000
km) and conventional engines;
– Suitable for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Petroleum Gas (LPG) engines.
Designed for petrol and diesel EURO IV and EURO V engines for a wide range
of VW vehicles (passenger cars, light off-road vehicles, vans and light trucks)
with additional requirements for engine oils according to the 504 00/507 00
specification and the ones preceding it.
The oil is not suitable for use in heavy trucks and similar vehicles!